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The prints that I offer to my customers are the result of a professional process that puts attention to every detail first:

1) shooting of the photo on the shooting site using techniques consolidated and optimized by experience, together with the highest level and latest generation equipment;

2) post-production and preparation of the files for printing using cutting-edge software and techniques, aimed at obtaining the highest quality on the single pixel, from the development of the RAW to the final softproof through ICC Profiles, using EIZO monitors of the CG series, the best in the world for quality and chromatic fidelity;

3) choice of Italian and foreign commercial partners capable of offering excellent materials and services, combined with printing experience and the use of advanced plotters;

4) customer care and management with advice and suggestions in order to satisfy the different needs and expectations.


Each photo on this site or on my social profiles can be purchased as a print: as the supports available are increasingly numerous and have very varied price ranges (from cheap direct printing to more elaborate and expensive supports), it is not possible to make a price list final and updatable.

If you would like a print, please contact me at specifying:

1) Selected photo

2) Dimensions

3) Expected budget

Once we receive this information, we will get back to you as soon as possible with 2-3 different media solutions that are sure to meet your needs.

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