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For over ten years I have been teaching photographic technique and post-production, both in outdoor courses and in the classroom, at photography schools, associations and individuals.

During the photographic excursions, some of the topics covered will be:
1) how to best use your equipment
2) how to plan an outdoor shot
3) the common basic rules (composition, shutter speed/aperture combinations, study of light)
4) specific techniques (long exposures, panoramic photos, focus stacking, multiexposures, astrophotography, blending, use of filters, etc.)

The areas in which I practice are the following: Valle di Susa, Valsangone, Valle Stretta, Val Clarée, Valli della Maurienne, Valli del Cuneese, Valle d'Aosta. Here are some photos taken in these areas:

In addition to outdoor photographic excursions, it will also be possible to take advantage of post-production sessions, to verify together the shots taken and perform their processing and study some advanced techniques to best emphasize one's landscape photographs; the sessions will take place in video connection through the service offered by SKYPE, with which you can also share the screen.

The lessons will be videotaped and the recording file will be delivered at the end of each session, so that the student will be able to review the topics explained as many times as he wants, which will mainly be:

1) Workflows in Adobe environment (Lightroom and Photoshop)
2) Optimization of shots (recovery of lights and shadows, details, noise, defects, object removal)
3) Advanced techniques (HDR, blending, focus stacking, morphing, luminosity masks, color correction)
4) Use of specific external plugins (Nik Software, TK8, TM Panel, Raya PRO)


Hourly cost: €25 / hour per person

Hourly cost: €35 / hour per person

All the services indicated require advance payment via secure transaction on PayPal (debit/credit card, by clicking on the button below) or by advance bank transfer (bank details will be provided privately at the time of booking). Upon receipt of payment you will be contacted to confirm the appointment. All amounts will be regularly invoiced (VAT exempt).

Operation is very simple.
The chosen session and the destination can be booked by writing to the email or by calling 3479655324, choosing the day and time.
Once payment is received you will be contacted to confirm your session. It will then be possible to carry out the excursion and/or the post-production session according to the times, places and topics agreed upon

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